Reality Check!

Hola everyone!
How’s you guys?
It’s been a hard week for me, having a job will be so tough I never knew.
It’s been two months I started working, and I realized everyone here is searching to have a good job and studying for it.
But now when I work, I know it is hard to earn money unless you love your job.
Alas! People fail to understand to love their work, and I am also into it.

It’s hard to take time for your own passion; unless you are working and making money with your passion.
We always stuck with one particular questions, “to live or to work”
I hope you guys know what you want to do, and I so wish you guys can do what you want to do.

We always live in such a society where are bounded with lots of restriction. Whether it is our passion or any other job.

We most of the time are afraid to accept what we actually want, to enjoy our life or to earn money. And at the end the conclusion arise to earn money and then enjoy the life.

Isn’t it partial with our life to make it wait, to struggle, to diminish our desire just to earn money.

Very few are those who actually enjoy their life and live.

Recently I read news that a person leaves his job at the age of 54 and took her wife of age 48 and his dog, and traveled the world for the last two years.

And that thing fascinates me!! At the age of 54 he decided to live his life, and we are just busy with earning so damn money.

Life is harsh, it is not easy but we can make it simple by following or passion!

I wish good luck to everyone or there to live their life and to enjoy it!

Have a great week ahead!!


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